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Our growing fields, at the base of the Wasatch Mountains
Welcome to Happy Trowels Farm.
Happy Trowels Farm is located in the flood plain of the Ogden River at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. Our alluvial top soil is over six feet deep. We produce quality, fresh, locally grown, sustainably produced cut flowers and other floral material. We use organic practices to grow and protect our soils, and to produce flowers of high quality. We currently have over two acres of actual beds in production. We extend our season by growing in greenhouses, cold frames and by using row covers.
We sell in farmers' markets, deliver directly to local florists and provide flowers for weddings and special events.
--Tom Wikstrom, Happy Trowels Farm, Inc

Happy Trowels Farm is a member of the ASCFG, The Assoociation of Specialty Cut Flowers.
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